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Motto: Ad Dare Servire

"To Give and to Serve"

Purpose of FCF:


The FCF Pledge:

"I share with you the warmth and glow of this campfire. These crimson flames are a symbol of our fellowship and adventures in camping.

"I promise to share with you the warmth of Christian friendship and with others the light of my Christian testimony.

"I promise to keep alive the spirit of FCF in my personal life and to observe at all times the principles of Royal Rangers."

The FCF Symbol

The blazing campfire is the official symbol of FCF. It symbolizes the spirit of FCF, which is:

There are five logs around the fire and they represent things that keep the FCF spirit alive:







To Earn the Frontiersmen Pin one must:

  • Earn the following merit awards: Rope Craft, Fire Craft, Cooking, Compass, Lashing, First Aid Skills, Camping, and Tool Craft
  • Explain the plan of salvation
  • Explain the meaning of the four red points, four gold points and eight blue points of the Royal Rangers Emblem
  • After earning all eight required merits, you have earned the Grizzly Trail FCF Merit Award. You are now eligible for the Frontier Adventure. After successful completion, you will receive your Frontiersmen Pin.

Boys Only:

  • Be at least eleven years old and at least an Adventure Rangers
  • Be recommended by the outpost commander

Leaders Only:

  • Complete the Rangers Basics module of the Leadership Training Academy
  • Be a Royal Rangers leader in good standing with your church


 To Earn the Buckskin Pin one must:

  • Earn the following merit awards: Church, Knife and Hawk, and Black Powder or Archery
  • Participate in at least one Frontier Adventure
  • Make, trade or purchase a complete FCF outfit.
  • Recite from memory the FCF Pledge
  • Explain the meaning of the FCF Symbol
  • State the vision and purpose of FCF
  • Make an FCF identification staff
  • Select a frontier-related craft or skill to develop
  • Select an FCF name
  • Complete the Buckskin workbook
  • Be an active member in good standing for at least one year
  • After earning the additional three required merits and completing the Buckskin study program, submit your application for advancement to Buckskin to the district FCF office. After successful completion of the Buckskin testing, you will be awarded your Buckskin Pin at a special ceremony.

Boys Only:

  • Earn the Bronze Medal or one Expedition Ranger Medal

Leaders Only:

  • Sponsor a boy into FCF
  • Earn the Leader's Medal of Achievement


 To Earn the Wilderness Pin one must:

  • Earn the following merit awards: Christian Service, Wilderness Survival, Primitive Snares, and Primitive Shelters.
  • Complete the Wilderness workbook
  • After earning the additional four required merits and completing the Wilderness study program, submit your application for advancement to Wilderness to the district FCF office.  Then wear the Wilderness Pouch until the Vigil is completed. After successful completion of the Wilderness Vigil, you will be awarded your Wilderness Pin during a special ceremony.

Boys Only:

  • Earn the Silver Medal or a second Expedition Ranger Medal
  • Sponsor a boy into FCF
  • Participate in at least two Frontier Adventures, and be an active member in good standing for at least two years

Leaders Only:

  • Attend a National Training Camp
  • sponsor an additional boy into FCF
  • Participate in four Frontier Adventures
 TB Company Trapper.jpg

Trappers Brigade

To participate in the Trappers Brigade program one:

  • Must be a FCF member
  • Must be in good standing with his FCF chapter
  • Must have paid his current and previous year's dues
  • Must have participated in one-half of the district FCF activities during the current and previous year
  • Must be actively involved in his local church and Royal Rangers outpost

The FCF Member need not have received his Buckskin or Wilderness status to qualify.

Trappers Brigade:

The purpose of the Trappers Brigade is to promote Christian service among the FCF members by encouraging their involvement and participation in service to their church and fellowman.

The Trappers Brigade encourages the involvement of FCF members not only in their local church, but also in their community (e.g., needs, projects, and organizations), in this way extending their Christian influence and testimony.

The Trappers Brigade also encourages the involvement of FCF members in service world-wide including missions and civic duty. 



Company Trapper

20 Points


60 Points

Free Trapper

120 Points

 How points are earned:

Service points are accumulated when an FCF member volunteers his time (with no consideration for wages) in church, in community projects, in special needs organizations, or in humanitarian acts. He will receive one-half point per hour of service done within the community where he resides. For volunteer work done outside of his local setting, he will accumulate one point per hour of service, not counting travel time. He continues to add his total points together even after he has attained the next step. Projects are determined by the Chapter FCF Trappers Brigade Authorization Committee.

Service Projects:

Within the local church, service projects may include mowing the church lawn; visiting the sick; serving as an usher; teaching or helping in Sunday school; participating in youth, bus, or music ministry; doing office work or printing; and participating in missions emphasis, fund-raising, clothing, or food drives.

Within the local community, projects may include helping families who have lost their homes because of a disaster (e.g., fire, tornado, or flood); assisting needy people or children's groups; or working at a hospital, library, service center, voter registration drive, city recreational facility, juvenile detention center, the Big Brothers organization, or the Boys Club.

Outside the local setting, the member may accumulate points (not counting travel time) for missionary trips with MAPS (Missions Abroad Placement Service), FCF Pathfinder missions projects, missionary trips with AIM (Ambassadors in Missions), Convoy of Hope projects, AGHM (Assemblies of God Home Missions) projects, AGWM (Assemblies of God World Missions) projects, Care Corps projects, U.S.O. (United Service Organizations) projects, disaster assistance, search-and-rescue missions, etc. Check with your District Commander or Chapter President for other considerations.


For each additional thirty points earned, the Free Trapper will receive a numeral to be placed on his Free Trapper Medal.

A Chapter FCF Trappers Brigade Authorization Committee will review the points tabulated by the FCF members who qualify for recognition pins. Each FCF member needs to complete an application and be interviewed by the committee. During the interview the FCF member will share the details of his service project. Pictures, letters, artifacts, items of interest, and things learned, enjoyed, or experienced should all be shared when meeting with the committee. Young Bucks must complete the service under the supervision of an adult leader.



Founded in 1995, PathFinder Missions exists to construct churches, Ranger camps, Christian schools, clinics, orphanages, missionary dwellings, or anything a missionary needs to build God’s Kingdom at home in the USA, or in the most remote areas of the world.

Teams need a variety of construction talents, such as carpentry, masonry, framework, post and beam work, and native material construction. Accepting the challenge of a Royal Rangers PathFinder Missions trip may also require you to use your campcraft, woodsmanship, backpacking, and survival skills.

PathFinder Missions trips are classified by three levels of intensity, from entry level to advanced, and awarded accordingly:

The Bronze PathFinder Mission — U.S. Missions construction projects outside one’s home district. (Such as Indian reservations or in urban settings.)

The Silver PathFinder Mission — Overseas projects to moderately accessible construction sites with basic conveniences. (Such as churches, Rangers camps, or orphanages.)

The Gold PathFinder Mission — Overseas construction projects to harsh, remote areas of the world where other teams are unable to go due to the tough living conditions of these assignments. (Such as packing or boating equipment and building supplies to site.)


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